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The films, especially the love stories, indeed arouse a feeling within the underage girls and boys for the same romantic and adventurous love stories in which the couple have to face great hardships in life, though they usually get happy endings at last. The willingness and infinite love crammed in the actors and actresses as shown in the film has subtle effect on their mind and more especially on the minds of teenage and underage children. Moreover, the craving for the fulfillment of biological needs also drives them in this direction. They are severely engrossed with the feeling of departure and so want to have an immediate conjugation...This is all about the elopement trend in urban area. Of course, these factors can also count a lot even in rural areas but the poverty and illiteracy are also major causes there. The poverty stricken girls especially in the rural areas prefer to run away with someone richer than themselves and someone who can make their life more comfortable. —

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