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My arrogance is my complete inability to accept that in my previous life I may have been an individual like Hitler or Stalin. I am too arrogant to accept that I was one of these monsters in my last life and that in this lifetime I am getting punished for it.Can you imagine the kind of karma that someone like Hitler might have? If I had been Hitler in my last life, can you even imagine what I would have to go through in this life? Can you even imagine the kind of life that someone like Hitler would have in this world today if he was reborn? Why am I so convinced that I couldn’t be him?

If Hitler had to suffer for the karma of his actions, what would that be like? I would be slapped around every corner. I would be hated by everyone. That would be some pretty deadly karma. No one wants to identify themselves as being a reincarnation of a Hitler or a Stalin. Everyone wants to be the reincarnation of the Buddha...I sit around blaming others rather than sucking it up. —

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