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Dahal promises formula to end political impasse

  Tries to convince participants at the jamboree that strategic shift in party line is not deviation


UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (right) inaugurating the seventh national convention of the party in Hupra Chaur, Hetauda of Makawanpur on Saturday.


HETAUDA: The seventh national convention of Unified CPN-Maoist will come up with a formula that will end the protracted political impasse, party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said here today.

Addressing the inaugural session of the party’s seventh national congress, Dahal assured that opposition parties, including NC and UML would not be able to reject that formula. He, however, warned that people would see the consequences if the NC and UML spurned the formula.

Dahal used most of his speech to convince participants that the party’s departure from its harsh political line in favour of a softer capitalist democratic line was the only way to institutionalise and safeguard achievements of the UCPN-M. He claimed the party could take the toughest policy if the need arose and also a very soft policy. Dahal tried to assure that UCPN-M would never desert people’s agendas. “If we abandon the people’s agenda, we will no longer remain Maoists,” he said, adding that the party had come to this point due to the sacrifice of more than 10,000 people. Returning to people’s war and deserting the task of institutionalising the party’s achievements would dishonour the martyrs, which would also be incorrect in terms of ideological development, he said.

On safeguarding national interest, Dahal said people’s freedom will be restricted if living standards are not raised. He said the time had changed and it was not possible to safeguard the revolution and national interest in a traditional way. Dahal said if his party had taken people’s war as a religious doctrine, the party would have been finished. “Revolt and revolution are basically science, but not solely science, they are also art. Success is not possible unless we evolve according to the situation,” he said. He promised that the convention would come up with a solid plan to turn the poor nation towards prosperity.

UCPN-M Vice-chairman and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said the party would never abandon the agenda of change and the party’s document had clearly stated it would never leave the way of peace and constitutionalism. He, however, maintained that the path of revolution and change was not always the same. “If we had not raised arms we would not have seen such a drastic change.” But, he further said UCPN-M had already made it clear that the remaining tasks of the revolution would be carried out through peace and constitution.

His message to opposition parties was: “We are on the same ship, so do not try to jump from it even if it is to save your life. We must work together to plug the holes instead.” He also said that his party was committed for holding elections in May and was ready to accept anyone’s leadership.

Nepali Congress Vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel said all the parties had unanimously decided to go for federalism, but there must not be different standards for different federal states. He said the UCPN-M political document has raised some hope regarding the party’s transformation towards peaceful politics. On political change, Paudel said socialism should not come like a seasonal flood in a river but like a perennial flow. He also claimed that NC was ready for CA elections, but all the parties had to express commitment for a way out. “There is no alternative to consensus,” he said.

CPN-UML leader Bamdev Gautam said Nepalis people want prosperity and the safeguard of national interest through agreement among the parties.He recalled that the nation saw drastic change and achievements whenever the parties united. Gautam also urged the Maoists to become serious about the movement of opposition parties and urged it to comply with agreements signed by the parties.

Most Madhes-based leaders focused on inclusive and identity-based federal constitution and urged the UCPN-M not to leave their agenda.


Anyone who believes even 1 word of from this vile Dahal is a fool. Even the villagers stop WOLF after only 3 lies. Why are Nepalis so stupid and foolish to believe a man like Dahal and put garland on his filthy neck is a puzzle to many Nepalis. Rajesh Pradhan, Chitwan

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