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Few vehicles in Karnali's district



DUNAI: Only one vehicle runs in the largest district of Karnali zone, Dolpa, in terms of geography, which is a tractor.

As it's surprising to be only one vehicle in the whole of the district, which is the largest district of the country as well, to have only two motorcycles in the name of two wheelers, is another interesting matter.

Janak Bahadur Budha of Kalagaun - 4 of Salyan district knew five years ago when he was there for business that no vehicle was there and brought a four wheeler then after no one took any interest in bringing any other vehicles.

Budha, who had experience of transport business in Salyan, bought the tractor in 2068 BS through the BC Trade and Suppliers from his income in the grocery shop in Dunai.

The tractor with the registration number, Bhe 1 Ta, is of Sunalika Company. One of the motorcycles here also belongs to him.

It was not so easy to bring tractor in this Himalayan district which had no road link so far and he had brought it by hiring a Nepal Army helicopter from Surkhet at Rs. 1.2 million.

The district does not have any road link to any other districts so far. One has to walk three hours to reach Dunai from the airport at Juphal.

The tractor and the motorcycles travel in the 15 km road that is yet not blacktopped from Parang of Jufal VDC -1 to Dunai.

The DDC has given budget this year to complete the road.

The road was built under the initiative of the engineer of Dolpa, Angat Kumar Hamal with the DDC investment in 2063 BS.

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