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Foreign pressure foiled RTC: Baidhya

  33 party alliance says HLPC underestimated their strength


CPN-M Chairman Mohan Baidhya speaking to mediapersons at a press meet after talks with the High Level Political Committee broke down in the party’s central office in Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, on Saturday.


KATHMANDU: Chairman of CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya today alleged that the High Level Political Committee had abruptly thwarted the talks due to ‘pressure from foreign power centres’.

“The HLPC leaders abruptly told us that they were unable to address the demand for roundtable conference (RTC) thus thwarting all preparations for it,” said Baidhya while addressing a press meet organised to inform what transpired at the talks, in the party headquarters in Buddhanagar.

Baidhya said the ball was now on the court of the HLPC as they had thwarted dialogue. He further said this development had damaged the image of the HLPC itself.

“There was no space for us to bend more as we had already shown maximum flexibility. We had told them we were even ready to discuss the poll date and the government in the roundtable conference,” he tried to clarify that the alliance was committed to election. “Things were going very positively and the 33-party alliance was busy working on the procedures and modality of the RTC, but the HLPC suddenly invited us for talks and told us they could not take us to the election,” he said.

Struggle to continue

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the 33-party alliance on Saturday decided to continue its struggle after talks with the High Level Political Committee failed to break ice. “However, we request HLPC to rethink its decision and forge national consensus as there is no alternative to it,” Baidhya said, adding that the alliance will now focus on its election boycott campaign with full force. He said protest programmes will be devised after consulting with parties in the alliance. Leaders who participated in the meeting of the 33-party alliance posed for the media with very grim faces after talks failed. Earlier, they were optimistic about the talks. Sources said CPN-M has directed cadres to intensify the poll boycott campaign. Commenting on the development, leader of Revolutionary Communist Party Mani Thapa said HLPC had undermined the strength of the alliance and presumed that the alliance would join elections even if their demands were not addressed.


It would earn respect and possibly large support from the general public if Baidhya named the foreign power that thwarted the talks. Otherwise it is just a gimmick that Nepalese are so used to from political leaders, and if Bhaidhya resorted to poll boycott thru violence and intimidation, then the public should also respond in same way or the Nepalese will take the matter in their own hand. desman, kathmandu

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