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Landscaping season



KATHMANDU: Imagine yourself walking near a row of well organised flowers on one side and green lawn on the other while enjoying the evening breeze. The aisle made of stones is beautiful and the lights placed at each side enhance the beauty of the scene. At the end of aisle is a beautiful garden with a fountain. It is a piece of heaven on earth.

If you wish to have such a heaven at your house, you can get it with some amendment to your landscape through landscaping. With simple to meticulous landscaping designs, you can boost the value of your garden.

For beautiful landscape If you want to decorate your front yard or backyard or both, transform them with landscaping. “Landscaping is all about making your house more attractive,” informs Mohan Lama who has experience of landscaping of around five years. He is also the owner of Coverless Fresh Flower and Plants in Dhobighat while he does landscaping for people in contract basis.

“You change the look of an area by adding waterfall or rocks or lights along with plants and lawn. Playing with landscape and designs, we give different dimensions — plain, slope and mountain — to that area to modify the existing topography,” says Lama.

And if you are waiting for the right time, then get ready to change the look of your garden as you are in the season of landscaping. “The right time for landscaping is Baisakh to Jestha (April and May) after which monsoon season begins. The rain of the season helps the plants and lawn grass to thrive and stay green,” informs Raj Krishna Bajgain, another landscaping expert of Beli Pushpa Nursery situated at Lagankhel.

Among other things, lawn grass is very important in landscaping. In Nepal, lawn grasses like carpet grass, bermuda grass (dubo) and American Dubo are used in landscaping.

Bajgain, who has been into landscaping for the last nine years revealing the benefit of lawn grass adds, “Lawn grass, especially dubo holds the soil of the place where it grows. Also, lawn grass is such a flora that doesn’t die easily. During winters they might change their colour but they soon revive.” Bajgain also suggests gardeners to use special soil of nurseries rather than local soil during landscaping. “Weeds grows with the lawn grass if you use the local soil,” he adds.

Getting it done

If you choose to change the features of your garden through landscaping, it would cost you from

Rs 10,000 (for the area of 200 square feet with simple design) to lakhs (for a larger space and creative designs). As per Bajgain, simple landscaping design includes a plain topography with couple of flowers at the corners and use of rocks.

“But the design also depends on the area of land. We first observe the land and decide the design to go with that particular land area,” Lama opines adding, “Landscaping, though, is not for everybody as all can’t afford it. You need to buy everything — from grass to soil to plants — which costs money.”

People with a larger space and money can opt for landscaping. In addition, you would require compost, soil, plants, stones and other materials.

Along with households, schools, hotels, housings and hospitals can also change their topography with beautifully designed garden and lawn.

Though “Kathmandu hardly has space to do landscaping”, as per Bajgain, they get orders for 10 to 20 works of landscaping in a month. With that, Bajgain points out, “The business

of landscaping is satisfactory here”.

But once the landscaping is over, a gardener should never forget to take care of the plants and lawn grass.

Lama suggests, “One has to take care of lawn grass, they might wither if one doesn’t”.

And Bajgain adds, “Till the grass is not green enough, one should water the lawn daily. Otherwise, one can water the lawn grass once in a week. If they over-grow, they should be levelled.”


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