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Madhesi parties not in favour of CJ-led govt



KATHMANDU: Voices against the UCPN-M’s latest proposal to form a new government under Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi are being raised by the coalition allies themselves.

Jitendra Sonal, General Secretary of the Tarai Madhes Democratic Party said it would not be easy for the UCPN-M to sell its proposal to form a government under the sitting chief justice.

Sonal said new prime minister should be somebody who showed strong commitment to Constituent Assembly and new political changes. “The CA was dissolved due to the Supreme Court. It was Regmi’s bench which gave verdict in favour of the automatic dissolution of the CA. I do not think this chief justice has strong commitment to the CA,” he said, adding, “Under Regmi’s leadership, the Supreme Court has not given positive verdicts on any of the public interest litigations filed about Madhesis — integration of Madhesis into national army, citizenship or voter identity cards.”

He said if parties did not agree to form a new government under a political leader then they should rather agree to form a politically independent government. Sonal said the country’s judiciary had not been able to embrace the current changes. He said UCPN-M brought the proposal without taking Federal Democratic Republican Alliance into confidence.

General Secretary of the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Nepal Jitendra Narayan Dev said the issue was yet to be discussed in the UDMF but his party preferred forming new government under somebody who was in politics before but not a member of any political party at present. “As far as my party’s views are concerned, we believe that a new prime minister should be somebody who has strong commitment to democracy, republicanism, federalism and secularism,” Dev said.

He, however, said if all the stakeholders agreed to form a new government under the sitting chief justice then his party would not oppose that. “As far as CJ-led government is concerned, we believe that Nepal’s bureaucracy and judiciary are status quoist,” he added.

Even Deputy Prime Minster Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar is against formation of a CJ-led government. He told journalists at the Biratnagar airport today that rather than a CJ-led election government the parties should concentrate on forging consensus and form a government on the basis of a political agreement.

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