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Man Vs Machine

  The latest on display at NAFA explores modern man's life highly influenced by today's gadgets


KATHMANDU: Forty-four artists took part in 15-day print making workshop almost a year ago. In the workshop conducted by visual artist Saurganga Darshandhari from June 22 to July 11, 2012, they were able to create some interesting art pieces besides learning the techniques of printmaking.

And the artistic works they created during the workshop are on display at an art exhibition ‘Print Making Workshop 2012’ that began at the Araniko Gallery, NAFA, Naxal on August 20. The exhibition’s themes seem relevant to today’s lifestyle that is highly influenced by mechanical devices. You will see works made using etching and aquatint techniques of printmaking.

‘Mechanical Life’ is the theme of artist Rajan Maharjan — a man is carrying a clock with much difficulty and lower part of his body has turned into parts of various small mechanical devices. The background of this work is again covered with mechanical devices like time belt, precision gears and gear assemblies — all in maroon.

Under the same theme, artist Tika Dutta Dahal has made a unique piece — an illusion of two human faces in one painting. If you observe the work intently from the front, you will see a hermit with braided hair and moustache. But it will turn out to be a mechanical face

in black and white colour if

you look at the painting from the left.

Culture and machines are brought together in ‘Mechanical Native Culture’ by artist Rukumani Shrestha. Three girls in modern attire can bee seen in between a huge iPod and a mobile phone. Interestingly, they are playing traditional

musical instruments like Jhyali and Dhime. The setting of Swayambhunath along with local settlements are at the backdrop of this work. The wires from iPod and mobile phone are shown being connected to those musical instruments and in one of the girl’s headset.

The workshop was a joint venture of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Bindu, a space for artists — on titles

like Mechanical Life, Mechanical Native Culture and Mechanical Heritage.

As per the titles, all the artists have got the source of inspiration from various kinds of machines and their surroundings. Thus, you can see use of motifs like laptop, mechanical parts, cell phones, clocks, temples, humans and more to showcase connection of humans and machines in today’s society.

The exhibition is on till September 3.

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