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Maoists will fall like the Ranas‚ monarchy: Koirala


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Nepali Congress (NC) President Sushil Koirala


SURKHET: Nepali Congress president Sushil Koirala has said that the Unified CPN (Maoist) will reach a stage of the Rana oligarchy and former king Gyanendra and fall as it has tried to impose authoritarianism.

Speaking in the press meet organised by Nepal Press Union (NPU), Surkhet in Birendranagar today, Koirala said that the Rana rule and the monarchy fell down as these regimes tried to impose unitary rule and authoritarianism in the country. He warned that the UCPN (Maoist) would also meet the same fate.

Koirala said that it was only the daydream of the Maoist to rule by threatening and intimidating the people.

Stating that the People's Movement of 2006/07 culminated with the abolishment of the 240-year-old monarchy, the NC president declared that the movement of the opposition parties would end the two-year Maoist rule.

Koirala said that the President should take steps now for safeguarding the constitution. The Nepali Congress president also accused the Maoist of attempting to attack journalists and interfere in the media houses and thereby gagging the media.


Monarchy politically may be fallen for politicians but culturally and socially, monarchy ,crown is as popular as before...LETS HAVE REFERENDUM!!! LONG LIVE NEPALESE UNITY.LONG LIVE NEPAL. Rakesh, kthmandu

I have great difficulties to understand, when these NC thugs state "they toppled monarchy" which is nothing but a white lie. Monarchy had nothing to do with whatever they claim. It was ambushed by ultra leftist Maoist of Nepal. NC took it as a sideline partner for their leader's voracious appetite for political power. NC leadership at that time simply forgot what BP said decades ago about communists. NC did not learn lessons from BP teachings and the modern history of the world. They did not see the fate of Chang Kai Sek's fait at the hand of True Maoists. However, I do not know why these loathed leaders do not get tired of quoting the fait of the crown and the throne of Nepal. If they have the guts, let Nepalese people decide about it by a plebiscite. Let us see, how popular the crown and the throne is among Nepalis. Otherwise shut your mouth. Nik, Kathmandu

bloody koirala,u r one of the bloody guys to make dis situation in ur country.... milan, kathmandu

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