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KATHMANDU: Golden bindi on her forehead, tattoos of butterfly and peacock on her wrist and arm respectively — give one an impression that she values art and creativity. She is a belly dancer and instructor from Italy. She is Amalia Messina.

Married to an Iranian and having stayed in Iran for six years she began learning about Muslim culture and art. “I wanted to do something different and dancing attracted me. It became possible only when my children grew up. So, I tried to take dancing classes in Italy,” shares Messina.

She initially learned the art of dancing in Italy for five years. She has been a keen traveller and an avid belly dance teacher and a performer. She travels all around the world, conducts classes and workshops. She has been teaching in India for the last 10 years. Apart from India, she collaborated with African acrobats and has given her performance in Tanzania as well.

At present she is here in the Capital for five-day workshop on belly dance, which will be held at Steps Dance Studio, Kupondole from May 10 to 14.

However, Messina feels that a 10 hours’ workshop isn’t sufficient to share about dancing. Rather she is trying to teach some important postures, steps and help participants recognise rhythm. She is also trying to teach them about traditional, modern and fusion styles of belly dance.

Age doesn’t become a barrier for learning anything and Messina has proven it. She started learning dancing at the age of 40. She never thought of being an instructor and travelling across the globe as a dance instructor. She has travelled to Africa, Bali and Turkmenistan to learn more about dancing.

For her belly dance is a beautiful form of art that is healthy and easy to learn. “Belly dance is natural, spontaneous and is not stressful as other dances. It is a dance of body, mind

and soul. It is a dance of beauty, celebration of femininity and creativity as well as knowledge about your body. It is an expression of soul and soul doesn’t have any shape,” she expresses.

Passionate about dancing and the love for her body, Messina dances for fun. She feels that belly dancing is a therapy and helps in healing the pain and sufferings that one faces in life. Belly dance is another form of meditation for her.

“Meditation is an empty state of mind that is free of thoughts and when you are connected with mind, body and music you will be able to create your own expressions and steps which take your worries away and this becomes a healing factor,” she elaborates.

She expects to teach more students in the coming years and hopes to learn Nepali dance and wants to make people find creativity within them. She even wants to learn dancing in Nepali fusion music and advises dance lovers “not to be afraid of dancing”.

Messina concludes with words of wisdom, “One needs to be more flexible and should be connected to the body to learn dancing skills. Don’t judge yourself and don’t look at others. Just dance and share the positive emotion around you.”

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