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Nepali widow adds new twist to Aarushi murder case



Aarushi' was found murdered in her room in Noida on May 16, 2008, while Hemraj's body was found in the terrace of Talwar's house a day after.


"None of the investigating authorities have recorded Khumkala´s statement. She is the only witness to have come forward with such strong evidence"

NEW DELHI: Aarushi-Hemraj (Yagya Prasad) twin murder case took a new turn on Sunday as Hemraj’s widow Khumkala Banjade moved an application at a Ghaziabad court today seeking to record her statement in the case which has now been subjudiced at the Supreme Court. Khumkala has filed her application under article 311 of the criminal procedure code known as CrPC. The Ghaziabad court would hear the application on April 27.

Yadav said the final verdict rested on the SC which might also say that since the case had been considering by the apex court, no further action by a lower court was required now.

Khumkala’s legal counsel Advocate Naresh Yadav said she has claimed in the application that her husband had called 15 days before the incident to tell her that Talwar couple had threatened to kill him.

In that telephonic conversation, Hemraj also told his wife that Talwar couple was angry with him for ‘telling the house matters’ to outsiders, Yadav said and added that his client’s application if approved would give a new twist to the double murder case. “None of the investigating authorities have recorded her (Khumkala’s) statement. She is the only witness to have come forward with such strong evidence,” Yadav told this daily.

Yadav however, said it was not clear as to what house matter Hemraj was blamed of telling outsiders.

Talwars' lawyer Rebecca John said the application would have no implication in the case since the case had now been considered by the SC.

“These are serious allegations. Why didn’t she come forward before? Why had she been hiding for three years?” Jones questioned.

Khumkala said life had been incredibly difficult for her and her family due to the murder of the only bread winner of the family. “It has been extremely difficult for us to move on. We are facing all kinds of hardship,” She said.

Khumkala’s son-in-law Jeevan Sharma said she wanted to come to Delhi immediately after the murder to seek justice but she could not to so because she could not afford to come here from her residence in Arghakhanchi. Sharma said this time his mother-in-law could come only because a Nepali Diaspora association paid for her trip.

Sharma said his in-laws were hopeful that they would finally get the justice.

“Our priority is to get the culprits behind bar and then to seek compensation,” Sharma said. Running family has become extremely difficult for the Banjade family. Khumkala’s only son Prjwol is sick for last two years and has been treated by a hospital at Varanasi. Khumkala’s mother-in-law Krishna Kumari is too old and needs to be taken care of all the time. “Everybody in the family is sick. My mother-in-law (Khumkala) can not move her hand. I have been helping her and my brother-in-law with the treatment but I myself have problem meeting expenses for my family,” Sharma said.

He said after all his in-laws were the citizens of Nepal and therefore the government of Nepal and other welfare agencies had a responsibility to provide some help so that they could at least eat two meals a day.

“My father in-law had a dream of schooling my brother in-law in a convent school but now the family only hopes him to recover and grow so that he could earn to feed the family. The grief for the family is too much to bear,” Sharma said.

Offering temporary relief to the Talwar couple, the Supreme Court last week had stayed the criminal proceedings against Rajesh and Nupur Talwar in the case.

The Allahabad High Court had dismissed Talwars’ plea seeking quashing of the proceedings initiated by the lower court which not only refused the closure report of CBI but also summoned them as accused in the case.

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