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Revolution in Nepal brings together fieldwork studies in Nepali rural areas before, during, and after the revolutionary movement. Accounting for this powerful socio-political project and its far-reaching effects, this volume seeks to explore the conditions and modalities for an armed revolutionary movement to develop, extend, and encompass all aspects of life. Making use of micro history, oral history, and ‘long-term anthropology’, it provides some answers to puzzling question of the antecedents of the People’s War and how it was waged in the country’s rural areas under Maoist control.

The Blood Stained Throne

Nepal, the land of Buddhism and misty mountains, is not a nation whose history one would expect to be filled with blood. And yet, the struggle to gain and keep control over the mountain kingdom is one marked by a long history of violence and murder. The Blood Stained Throne by Baburam Acharya is a translation of Aba Yasto Kahilyai Nahos, a compilation of historical essays that recounts some of the bloody battles for power in a tumultuous period — a phase that spanned more than 100 years.

One Click

Amazon’s business model is deceptively simple: make online shopping so easy that customers won’t think twice. That button on every page says, ‘Buy now with one click’. Amazon is a case study in how to reinvent an entire industry — one that anyone in business ignores at their peril. One Click uncovers the secret behind the company’s triumph, much of which hinges on Jeff Bezos, its founder and CEO. Through interviews with Amazon employees and competitors, One Click charts Bezos’ rise from computer nerd to world-changing entrepreneur, and reveals how he makes decisions.


From the ghostly stone heads of Easter Island to crumbling Mayan cities hidden deep in the jungle, the mysterious ruins of lost worlds and vanished civilisations continue to haunt us. How could such mighty societies fall? And could our skyscrapers one day stand derelict and overgrown like ancient temples? In Collapse, Jared Diamond takes us on an epic journey around the globe, through the history of humanity and on to the future, to discover how — tomorrow comes — we can be survivors. This book is a grand sweep from a master storyteller of the human race.

Don’t Buy ...

This book argues that procrastinators are often perfectionists, and structured procrastinating — doing one thing as a way of not doing something else — is sometimes effective. And if you’re still stuck with that list of things to do, here is advice on how to tweak it so that it becomes more manageable — put something daunting, like ‘Learn Chinese’ or ‘Renovate kitchen’, at top; cleaning the house or doing the laundry is a great way to do those things. Written with wry humour and peppered with a wealth of insights, this book proposes an ingenious programme for getting things done by putting them off.

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