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TOPICS: Fake advertisements



Advertisements are almost everywhere these days; in newspapers, televisions, magazines, pamphlets, hoardings, internet, radios, etc. Most of us are intimidated by advertisements in our daily chores. If you want to find a new job, want to go abroad, get your vacancies fulfilled, to get married, want to promote your business, publish lost/found, etc., you get the help of the media. For this purpose, you can find different advertising agencies and campaigns with their advertorials. Somehow, this technique of touting has helped us in different aspects of lives. Such announcements in newspapers or televisions or on posters about something such as a product, event, or job show how good those things are in general. With them, newspapers, TVs. and other agencies earn handsome amount, and it is even necessary to sustain in the market.

But all advertisements are not true. Fake advertisements have been threatening us these days. Once, two of my friends were getting well-dressed when I visited their flat. They said that they had a job interview from a multinational company that day. They even told me that they had filled in forms by paying Rs 250 each the previous week. I was both happy and jealous that my friends were getting new jobs and they were excited too. The same evening, I came to know that the thugs had already left the place collecting some registration fees and there was no such company registered or its front office from which jobs were offered. My friends told me that it was a rented room in the given location which was deserted when my friends along with other job seekers had reached there. There are many victims of various fake advertisements.

This gives a clear picture of mismanaged advertisements in the Nepalese media where many people are openly cheated every day, and the administration is irresponsive. The tendency is, the media also publishes/shows advertisements of any kind without filtering and acknowledging the authenticity to get their advertisements published or displayed. This is creating negative impacts in our society. Advertisements are the truest sources of income for both the media and the government. But in the name of earning, the general people shouldn’t be cheated. Neither the government is aware to implementing strong laws that prohibit media from publicizing fake advertisements, nor does the media itself filter such ill-intended messages. There should be a coordinating commitment from the concerned like Broadcasting Associations, Print media and Government to make an Advertising Policy, implement it, regularly monitor it and get public feedback.

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