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KATHMANDU: Women are known for their grace and elegance and many put a lot of attention to how they look. And the stores lead many to just open their purses and splurge. If everything is available under one roof, the urge is greater. And Malla House at Pako Galli welcomes all those stylish ladies.

The building

With a modern architecture, the five-storey Malla House stands exceptionally attractive in the narrow lane of Pako Galli, crowded with stores. Replacing an old building, the structure now houses stores dealing with attires and accessories. Even the colour of the building as well as the stores inside it tempt you to shop or just window shop. As a result many passersby, especially ladies, do not hesitate to visit the building and see what’s in store.

The building got its opening on July 29 and is owned by three Malla brothers. Thus, the name says Sanjeev Kumar Rauniyar Managing Director of Malla House.

Currently there are stores that deal with traditional ladies wear, modern casual wear, shoes and bags that is spread from the basement to the first floor of the building. About the future plans Rauniyar shares, “In the near future, we have plans to start a beauty parlour, gents clothing store as well as children’s wear.”

As the stores just opened, they have not named their stores yet where at Ashok Kumar Poddar’s store on the ground floor, you can get casual modern clothes for ladies. One customer at his store Puspa Thapa opined, “I like the variety found in the store and I like the styles that are on display. The store looks attractive and it stands out in between all these shops clustered around it.”

Basic info

Clothing found in the store are made in China, Thailand, India and Nepal. And this is a “fixed price shop where you can get ladies items that starts from Rs 190 to Rs 990”. Here you can get colourful shirts, tee-shirts, skirts, trousers, dresses and leggings. “We don’t encourage bargaining as we have a policy to sell more items keeping the profit margin less as the competition is fierce and we need to survive,” asserts Poddar.

On the same floor you can see candy coloured pretty handbags lined up at a store. And the first floor has another store dealing in hand bags and different kinds of shoes where both the stores are owned by Rauniyar. Here you can get plenty of space in between the aisle where you can easily choose your favourite among the display. If you have any confusion, then the staff here will readily help you to find your preference.

About the products Rauniyar shares, “We directly import the products from Guangzhou, China and the bags are made of polyurethane (PU) material which looks like leather, so it does not wear off. If the bags purchased here are damaged like the chain or stitches loosen, then we have a facility for repair absolutely free of cost. But it’s only valid for bags purchased within two months.”

You can get office bags to party bags in numerous shades and sizes where comparing the fashion of China and Nepal he adds, “Ladies here like mostly simple looking bags without any glitter or shine but I have seen that Chinese ladies like shiny, coloured and studded bags.”

The price range for bags starts from Rs 500 to Rs 1,200 and for shoes from Rs 500 to Rs 1,250.

If you want party shoes or casual flip flops, you will get everything you need inside Malla House. Moreover if you are thinking of getting some traditional attires, then go to the basement where Neha’Z Collection can offer you variety of tops, readymade kurtha salwar, kurtha salwar piece, simple saris and designer embroidered saris that has a price range from Rs 800 to Rs 35,000. At this store you can get discount from 15 per cent to 30 per cent.

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