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Mother-daughter shopping trip could be a nightmare for both. Or yet another reason to bond

KATHMANDU: There are thousands of people buying and selling goods in the market. From varieties of clothing items to accessories to household items, all are there in the stores to grab your attention. Shopping becomes more interesting and funfilled when people accompanying you have shopping ideas and know the market values along with fashion trend.

Mothers and daughters share a special bond with one another. There is a sacred relationship between them. They share things with one another and many are each other’s best friends. Yet there are things which they don’t have in common, shopping interests is one of them. There is always this tug of war between them at some point regarding the choice and place of shopping.

This could be because of the age gap. Therefore mothers may not be able to know their daughters’ preferences. “I usually prefer buying things with my friends as I can’t buy the things of my choice when I am with my mother. I have my own preferences and choices but my mother doesn’t know about my choices. Therefore, shopping is quite uninteresting when I am with her,” says Anu Ranjit, a resident of Samakhushi.

“The mothers select simple dresses for their daughters but the daughters are aware of the latest fashion trend and new arrivals,” says Bandana Ghimire, a BBS Ist year student of Nepal Commerce Campus, Minbhawan.

One goes through the goods and items, selects them if he/she likes it and moves on to the next store. “But with mum you don’t need to look here and there. Shopping finishes within no time. You just go to a shop, look for the item, fix the price and buy it,” says Dilkeshari Maharjan, a resident of Satungal. “But when friends are with you, you look for some other items as well. We can even go for window shopping,” she added.

Groups of girls can be seen in every corner of the city looking for varieties of goods. When they finish shopping they go for some hangouts or visit some restaurants to add more fun to the experience. “I don’t enjoy shopping with my mum compared to my friends as we are free to choose what we like when mum isn’t around,” added Ranjit.

And then there is the bargaining streak. Mums don’t leave a chance to bargain and they bargain hard, but it may not always be fun. “I don’t know how to bargain and I have to remain silent. I feel bored too. Sometimes I return without buying anything when there is no compromise on the price,” shared Maharjan. “The very next day I go to the same shop and pay a little more than my mother fixed and buy the things,” laughed Maharjan.

“Whenever there is a price tag on the items, there is not much bargaining, but when there isn’t, then mothers take their time and charge,” reveals Ram Astani, proprietor of 2AG, New Road. Sometimes mothers even try to bring down the price by three times, laughed Ghimire.

Despite the differences, there can be more to the mother-daughter shopping. Shopping can be a time to know a daughter’s choice which can help them bond. “I shop with my daughter as she knows more about the goods in the market. She knows the price better than me as she frequently visits the market with her friends. She is my guide. Yet at times she agrees to pay more for the things which can be bought for lesser price,” said Sunita Upadhayay, a resident of Lubhoo.

Perhaps both of them need to give each other a chance and learn to enjoy shopping. The skills that you lag in, your mother can fill in and vice-versa. Just keep an open mind and give it a try!

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