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Political leaders time and again land into controversies with what they utter. But, more than that, in the parliament or at a meeting of one of its committees, any speaker, whether a lawmaker or a min ...Full story

Women all over the world are struggling against the tsunami tides of discrimination, exclusion, neglect and inhumane treatment everyday and every moment. While the historical ac ...Full story

An eye-catching advertisement has an immediate impression and lingers on long afterwards, and examples come to mind such as the bold and dark colours used in framing an image, t ...Full story

Busy..oh so busy..always!!! I have forgotten to relax she says and she has. Sad but that is the depressive truth. She came in front of me and said that she is finding difficulty ...Full story

KATHMANDU: Hundreds of doctors and health workers today took out a peaceful demonstration in the capital expressing solidarity with the ongoing movement. With placards demanding ...Full story