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Following calls from various quarters for enactment of a more effective law and the creation of a really powerful body to deal with disasters, the Government has moved to bring a disaster management b ...Full story

Brain drain is an outflow of educated and skilled people from one place, region or a country to another. In economics, it is referred to as human capital flight as knowledgeable ...Full story

With reference to the news story “Shelve transport fare hike plan, govt told” (THT, Oct. 30, Page1), I would like to state that there is no reason to hike transport ...Full story

A few choice words to describe a person may possibly be adamant, stubborn, valorous, courageous etc. Well, we come across a spectrum of people in our day-to-day round. Some tend ...Full story

Literary studies in almost all parts of the world involve a system of valuation of literary texts and authors. Consequently, some texts and authors are canonised and established ...Full story