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Almost every year disasters take place due to floods and landslides during the monsoon killing hundreds, displacing thousands and destroying properties worth millions of rupees in Nepal. However, we f ...Full story

Numerous micro-finance organizations are currently implementing savings and credit programmes all over the world. Nepal is no exception to this. In Nepal, organized micro-credit ...Full story

The production of quality handicraft on a regular basis depends on the regular supply of the local and imported raw materials. Institutional arrangements should be made to guara ...Full story

People say smiling is good for health. It keeps you healthy physically, mentally, socially yada yada yada. They talk about how our life would U-turn like this little curve on ou ...Full story

With response to the news story “Guardians picket HSEB demanding early results” (THT, August 26, Page 2) I would like to ask the concerned authorities to publish th ...Full story