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We just marked one more International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance, but without any significant progress in terms of addressing the past disappearances in Nepal. Enforced disappearance ...Full story

I once had given a lift to an elderly woman who had just returned from the United States at Tribhuvan International Airport, and she started a conversation saying, “Americ ...Full story

With four days remaining on the Constituent Assembly calendar of work for the political parties to reach a consensus, it seems almost certain that the CA will miss the deadline, ...Full story

For a person like me, who has never worked (except for a few professional experiences for 2-3 months), I was unprepared. I gave an impromptu answer saying “I would like to ...Full story

This is with response to the caption to a photo (THT, August 30, Page 3). The caption given is “Devotees offering prayers to mark the Ganesh Chaturdashi at Kamaladi Ganesh ...Full story