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Despite repeated assurances by the government and concerned quarters to address the demands made by Dr. Govinda KC on medical education improvement, many of these have not been met. Dr. KC is on a hun ...Full story

Human identity is a social construct. That is to say, that every human child is born as a unique individual into a distinctive social environment, in which he or she develops an ...Full story

I have been obliged to put pen to paper because my hurt feelings terribly need a vent for expression. But before I come to call a spade a spade let me beat about the bush a litt ...Full story

One day, while returning home from my morning walk I saw a man trying to create fire from a matchstick. It was then I realized we can use that matchstick to pick up our earwax a ...Full story

March 26, 2005 KATHMANDU: The mettle of 313,216 students will be tested from tomorrow as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams begi ...Full story