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KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is to distribute new currency notes for the Bada Dashain from tomorrow. Notes worth Rs. 40 billion to Rs. 45 billion will be distributed until fulpati from seven d ...Full story

KATHMANDU: Constituent Assembly members and women right activists today said that there was an urgent need to bring victim-friendly laws and provisions of compe ...Full story

KATHMANDU: Metropolitan Police Range, Lalitpur, unveiled a special security plan today to increase public security in the district during the upcoming Dashain&s ...Full story

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court today directed the government authorities to produce CK Raut, a Madhesi rights activist, before the apex court on September 19. A s ...Full story

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court today issued a stay order against immediate hike in electricity tariff. Responding to a writ petition filed by advocate Bish ...Full story