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Posted on: 2013-05-02

Posted by: Prasanna Shrestha, Balkhu

An artistic way to express things makes them special in their own way. Even a simple ideas or thoughts can be given a mature and sensible impression through it.I have always been fascinated by different forms of art whether its sketch or sculptures or any other form of expressing you and your ongoing thoughts.These forms of art significantly preserves lots of emotion within them. Simply gazing at them give us a quick idea of what its trying to utter. Among many forms of art I prefer sketching and painting. I think sketches gives a impressive form to the thing that's been expressed in a very simple shade of a color.Its easy to define them. While painting is the best art for assemblage of many shades.They can give the real form to the pictures and make it lively.I think its really amazing to arrange multi colors as a single art form.I prefer both of these form the most.

Posted on: 2013-05-01

Posted by: Amit Pokhrel

Art is something which people should understand it properly by means of sign, symbolic representation and by body language. there are many forms of art. being a civil engineer and student of post graduate in urban design and conservation, my favorite art is to make the city image look good and environment friendly. though there are different way to present the art, but in my view, symbolic representation is a good art which many people can understand it by seeing and observing it.

Posted on: 2013-04-30

Posted by: Smita Shrestha

I admire anyone who is into arts. Every form of art, may it be poetry, painting, performing, decorative or anything new and creative has its own charm and aura. Out of these, it's photography that I am into since the past couple of years. Apart from putting myself out, I often go through other individuals’ works, marvel them and I can feel how others are also passionate about it. Regardless of any highly-technical equipment, it can be mastered solely from our own creative vision. I regard the art as a revelation and of course my new-found love.

Posted on: 2013-04-29

Posted by: Yugdeep Luitel Kathmandu University

Of all different forms of art , mine favourite one is painting. Painting has no boundaries nor any limitations, it is all your imagination that how far can you go. A single painting conatins the whole world, the feeling of any individuals. When you take a brush and start painting..its so nice to be in imagination, the other beautiful world beyond anybody's reach.

Posted on: 2013-04-29

Posted by: Somika Ganesh

All these things like arts, drawings, sculptures, literacy and crafts are all facts of expressing the inner feelings and thoughts to be known to external world. All we create are not necessarily, well understood as we create. Each person has their own way, in case of mine I prefer scribling my thoughts in poems, writings and sometimes drawing . What I d is all for me and my memory for future as its the way we recalls experiences and lessons and sometimes it feels good to memorize the achievements and make fun of faults . However these creations get popular as we allow them to make it part of others interests . I really enjoy turning my pages of writings, and that of others too.

Posted on: 2013-04-29

Posted by: sanjog shrestha

well art is a part of life and it is highly influenced by culture religion tradition and belief existing in the community. Art reflects culture tradition festival and other practices of the society.Nepal is rich in Art and culture and our art is highly influenced by the major religion practiced in the nation. Among i like wall painting. The painting on the wall of a house temple palace. In the terai region maithili and tharu paint their house wall with different figure. This shows that how we rich in culture and helps to conserve the tradition. we youth are forgetting our culture and adpoting the western culture and can create the negative situation in the society. We must conserve and promote the diffrent form of painting and keep it for future.

Posted on: 2013-04-28

Posted by: Amita

The art of tattooing is my fav one, as me..myself also want to get inked by the colorful tattoos.In my view tattoos are the best way to express the feeling of yours upon any person or thing i.e feelings for your near and dear or may for that person who is close to your heart.The tattoo also reflects the personality of the one who has got it.So my all time favourite form of art is tattooing.

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Among the different forms of art, some prefer painting while others like sculptures. There are some who do installation art, while some love to express their ideas through the medium of body art — tattooing. What is your favourite form of art? Why do you like it? Explain.