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Dalit family forced to leave village


Family of Naresh Damai displaced from Rudreswor, after he got married to Bhagarathi Badi, an upper caste girl.


BAITADI: A Dalit family of Rudreshwor, Pansera was forced to leave their village for marrying a girl from an upper caste


Naresh Damai and his family of Rudreshwor, Pansera have been taking shelter at the district headquarters after they were mentally harassed for two years.

After a long courtship, Naresh had tied the knot with Bhagirathi Bada of the same village two years ago, but their marriage did not go down well with many and according to Naresh, many from the Bada community have for long been serving threats to his family.

“Following repeated threats, we were forced to flee the village. Naresh, his wife, his father Dambar, mother Mandhodari and two sisters have been living at the district headquarters for the past one week. “Earlier too we were chased out of the village and and we had to take shelter at the Belbani forest for 5 days,” lamented Naresh.

“Of the total 40 households in the village we are the only Damai family, so they always discriminate against us,” he bemoaned.


What makes you think your parents/children/future generations/houses/properties are safe from sections of society whom you've abused for thousands of years? "Two eyes for an eye begets justice." --Kanshiram Communal Award, Tokyo | Report Abuse

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