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Goat Days


Najeeb’s dearest wish is to work in the Gulf and earn enough money to send back home. He achieves his dream only to be propelled into a slave-like existence herding goats in the Saudi desert. Memories of the lush, verdant landscape of his village and his loving family haunt Najeeb whose only solace is the companionship of goats. In the end, the lonely young man contrives a hazardous scheme to escape his desert prison. Benjyamin’s wry and tender telling transforms this strange and bitter comedy into a universal tale of loneliness and alienation.


Paige finds an anonymous note in her mailbox. It’s not meant for her, but instead it’s meant for her neighbour. She can’t help but be intrigued by the strange command on the expensive paper. The anonymous notes keep coming, getting bolder and bolder. They take Paige on a journey of self discovery. Realistic characters, natural dialogue, beautiful erotic and romantic trysts, and thought-provoking insights on life, death and love all exemplify Megan Hart’s signature style of erotic fiction. It’s sizzling hot, but also frankly and deeply emotional.

AThe Bottom Billion

Paul Collier, a Professor of Economics at Oxford University, explores the reasons why impoverished co-untries fail to progress despite international aid. Collier argues there are many countries whose residents have experienced little income growth over the 1980s and 1990s. In his reckoning, there are just under 60 such economies, home to almost 1 billion people. It will cha-nge the way you look at the tragedy of persistent poverty in a world of plenty. It is a persuasive and important challenge to current thinking on development.

No More Questions

Louis Brawley met UG Krishnamurti or UG in 2002 and spent the following five years travelling with him in the USA, India and Europe. He soon became the foil to UG’s deteriorating health, his

informal caregiver. No More Questions chronicles Louis’ life with this remarkable ‘non-teacher’. Out of this churning a layered portrait emerges of the man

who gave up everything for truth but delighted in ridiculous fabrications. Beautifully written, this book surprises, delights and enlightens us.

Breaking India

The book reveals how outdated racial theories continue to provide academic frameworks and fuel rhetoric that can trigger civil wars and genocides in developing countries. The Dravidian movement’s 200-year history has such worrying origins. Its latest manifestation is the ‘Dravidian Christianity’ that fabricates a political and cultural history to exploit the old faultlines. It explicitly names individuals and institutions. Its goal is to spark an honest debate on the extent to which human rights and other ‘empowerment’ projects are cover-ups for these nefarious activities.

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