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Nepal gives a mouthful to Bhattarai


NEPALGUNJ: Four days after the Unified CPN-Maoist Vice-chairperson and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai warned the opposition parties saying that the government would haul them to Constituent Assembly polls in the same manner cattle are controlled and towed with nose rings, a CPN-UML senior leader today borrowed the same words to hit back the PM.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the Press Chautari Nepal, Banke chapter at the Ranjha Airport today, UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said, “Earlier we had dragged them out of the jungle by towing them with nose rings, and once again the time has come we do the same to bring them to sign consensus.”

Alluding to PM Bhattarai’s remarks at the Federal Democratic Republican Alliance programme earlier in the Capital that the incumbent ‘government would haul NC and UML to CA elections in the same manner the cattle are controlled and towed with nose rings’, Nepal scoffed at the PM’s remark and said, “The PM, his government and his party don’t have any guts or legitimacy to tow us with nose rings. Instead, it is the opposition parties who will have to do the same to bring them to consensus.”

Further, accusing the Maois-ts of trying to push the country into confrontation even being at the helm of the government, he referred to the opposition parties anti-government agitation saying the countrywide agitation has no ulterior motive except extricating the country from the long-standing stalemate. “Our agitation is for bailing the country out of the present crisis, to hold fresh election and promulgate the statute thereupon,” he said.

On a different note, he dismissed the Maoist propaganda that the opposition parties are against holding election. “It is, in fact, the Maoist party which is dreading the election as it has split and has understood that the people are now against them,” Nepal said.

He described the UCPN-M’s proposal for a government-led by an independent person as a ploy to wallow in the power for good. “Sometimes, they say they won’t clear the state for 25 years. Sometimes, they say they are ready to receive bullet rather than leaving the government and sometimes they talk about independent persons’ leadership in the government. How can we trust them?,” he asked, adding, it is meaningless to sit for talks unless the ruling Maoist party shows a degree of honesty and sincerity in their statements.

Stir to topple govt: KC

BARA: Nepali Congress central leader Arjun Narasingha KC today said the opposition parties’ agitation would topple Baburam Bhattarai-led government sooner than later. Speaking at a programme organised by Bara Tamang Union in Pathalaiya, KC blamed the Bhattarai government for doing nothing except bring anarchy in the country. He went on to say that Nepalis would not tolerate totalitarian government at any cost. He alleged that the UCPN-M was prolonging its stay in the government after its power sapped following the split in the party. He said the Bhattarai-led government would not be able to hold election to the Constituent Assembly.

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