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Tinkune-Surya Binayak stretch safer now: MTPD


KATHMANDU: Traffic police today claimed that road accidents have gone down significantly along the Tinkune-Surya Binayak section after the enforcement of vehicle speed limit along the Araniko Highway.

According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, road accidents have decreased by more than half — from 93 in August-October to 40 in the past three months since the introduction of radar guns along the 14-kilometre six-lane highway section.

Six people died and 83 got injured from August to October against two deaths and 34 injuries in November-January. The traffic police division said it impounded 1,572 vehicles for speeding and booked their drivers for violating the speed limit during the

same period.

With a view to addressing public grievances related to speeding and taking action against rule violators, the MTPD had enforced speed limit along the Araniko Highway in November.

On-duty traffic police personnel are taking action against vehicles crossing the 60 km/hr speed limit in a scientific manner.

MTPD said the radar guns, also called speed guns, are meant to make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Traffic police had long sought radar guns to enforce the speed limit instead of taking action against drivers on a mere guesswork as most drivers would slow down while approaching ill-equipped cops, only to go full throttle after passing them.

Traffic police said the gadget has encouraged the drivers to become more careful and responsible, thereby ensuring the safety of themselves and other road users.

The hand-held device can measure the speed of vehicles coming from more than 200 metres away.

A traffic cop just has to cock the tool towards a vehicle and the digital screen displays its speed in real time.

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