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Travelling thru' time: Correct past mistakes‚ stop future from disintegrating


As I am a student of engineering, I am always interested in such types of gadgets. When I used to see sci-fi films, I just thought that nothing is impossible and one day I will be the master of such utilities. If such gadgets would be created in near future, I will explore it, would try to find the hidden ideas behind them, and will try to make those better and better as just a few people in the world would be involved in the making of it.

— Sunil Poudel

With each new generation, some new inventions are made. These inventions and discoveries made today are just the dreams of yesterday. Similarly, nowadays many sci-fi films are shown in which humans use the gadgets like time machines. In future, if this gadget (the dream of today), becomes the real of tomorrow, it will make a drastic change in the life of human beings. It would be the greatest achievement of that century. It would affect the world in both positive and negative ways. However, this time machine would make everyone know about their future and help them to be safe from many destructive events. On the other hand, it would help criminals to break privacy, plan criminal activities, and do much more destruction. Thus, in summary we can say that the discovery of time machine is a very useful material from scientific point of view as well as destructive point of view.

— Amit Sah

Truly, technology has crossed our imaginations. We human beings always explore newer technology and we try and try until we succeed. It is human nature and I think that with a new technology we can explore time. Nevertheless, things like time machine are a favourite gadget in many sci-fi films, which are especially concerned with future, space or other worlds. On the other hand, it is possible like any other machine. If such a thing is created tomorrow, I would like to go into future as its value can be changed anytime and I would use it for educational purposes. It could serve time travellers themselves, and future generations in terms of justice and criminal behaviour, natural disaster et cetera. I would use it to discontinue feeble or ineffectual endeavour. It will not be used for my personal benefit rather for the country and its people.

— Shalu Bajaj

No wonder everyday modern science and technology is adding bizarre inventions to our gadgets list. Being a science student, I am hopeful about the inventions of dream gadgets like time machine, future predicting and displaying computer, walking computer et cetera as shown in many sci-fi films. After then what? Can we see smiling faces everywhere? Obviously, the answer is big ‘No’. Since the fate line in our palm changes with our actions, the past revealing time machine and future predicting computer is of no use. Let’s be frank and heed the message from the history of inventions. More and more life easy making appliances bestowed to us, the more and more complicated our life became. Furthermore, the graph of both heinous and hideous crimes in this country has remarkably risen with inventions. Therefore, in my view the gadgets should be discovered for noble cause, not simply for big name or business. Also, the time has come for researchers to work on metaphysics and psychology so that we can achieve peace of mind despite a busy day ahead.

—Trilok Sharma

If ever a time machine is invented in the course of today’s swift technological advancement, I would use it to go back over the critical and significant points in my life and endeavour to get over the blunders while also cherishing the happy moments. I would use it first to relive the happy moments with my father; listening to his stories and words of wisdom, then go back to the instances when I had been unkind to people and find a time to seek their forgiveness. I would suggest innocent people haunted with deep psychotic imprints from their past to go back and discover the cause of it for a lasting recovery. Furthermore, I will not miss to get an overview of the future to determine a desirable fate.

— Phurwa Dhondup

These days there is destruction and chaos everywhere. Many people are losing their lives untimely. Criminal activities are increasing and people are acting like the devil. Therefore, we need a second Gautam Buddha to maintain peace in the country. Not being so spiritual, and as a science student, if such a thing like time machine was created, I will use it to know the future and reduce the probable natural hazards and destruction that are likely to occur thus making the world beautiful.

— Uddhav Paneru

I would like to own ‘Jarvis’ the supercomputer, which was used by Iron man. Firstly, I will love to use this projective computer replacing my ordinary computer for significant computer accessing power. I will use it to solve my mathematics problems. Since, mathematics is my difficult subject I will personally benefit from it highly. It can be installed on my bike which will provide me auto drive facility and make me access my destinations easily. It can be kept in my house for maintaining central heating system and be updated for natural disasters. It will alert me whether to take my umbrella with me while going out or simply give me weather forecasts. After returning home, the system will auto scan and make me know if any bacteria or disease is affecting me or not.

— Paras Katuwal

Advancement in technology is beyond our imagination. Time travel and going to the past seems to be awesome in movies. Time machine is one of the dream machines that I have always thought of. Everyone would like to correct their mistakes through time machine, but I do not want to do so because I have learnt many things from my mistakes. If I were to use my dream machine for personal uses, then I wish to see my parents’ marriage because it was not possible at that time to capture that moment with the help of cameras or mobile phones. Secondly, if I were to use the machine for my country’s benefit then I would use it to pursue Nepali citizen that America was once like Nepal and there is still a hope to build our country.

— Ruman Tiwari

Human minds keep on exploring many ideas, work on it religiously, make that product, and present it with lots of features in a single item. Be it Facebook, Microsoft, apple, to prove oneself, they have tried and come out with such a technology that has helped billions of humans to come and share a similar feeling. Earlier, I also wanted to travel in a time machine so that I could know whether I would pass my SLC or not but now, time has passed. I would also think that I would help the needy people and stop all the crime, which is going to happen in the coming days. I would think that I would solve all the problems. Time machine can be used to know whether people are corrupted or are genuine hard workers. I would make people aware about the things that are going to take place and would advise them to follow the right path. In fact time machine is not needed as it is rightly proved, if we keep on doing good then eventually our future will be good.

— Moin Uddin

For me I would use the time machine to travel 80 years into the future. Future 80 years will let me feel how harsh days would be. I would like to see how miserable would my life be when there will be fewer kin to care about me. During old age, there would not be parental care, no more strength in muscles and wrinkled skin. All this will at least teach me a lesson to utilise my youth and care for the elderly people.

— Sushank Kumar Yadav

Technology is becoming more advanced. Fiction is being changed into reality. We cannot say this will not be happen in the future. If time machines were created, rather than seeing how my past was or how my future will be, I would do things that make me happy and fulfil my desires. Especially with the time machine, I would want to go to back to my past and make the person happy whom I love the most now.

— Sujata Karki

In this modern era of 21st century, technology has developed its creativity beyond our imagination. Modern technology is available to people as a means to solve the real world problems and to make life easy. Artificial intelligence has begun to merge with human intelligence from the previous century. Now it is reaching completely new levels of cognitive and intellectual capability. Many robotic films which shows us the drastic change in future, has influenced us to think and work over it to make it come true in our real life. If a gadget like time machine were to be created in the future, we could go into the past and future and we can see lethal or fatal invention of some ill-intentioned people that may destroy the existence of human. We can track them down with the aid of the time machine. Thus, this can play crucial role in destroying the crime, terrorism and destructive phenomenon.

— Dikshya Singh

If a device like time machine ever existed in the real world, I would have made use of it by going into the future. It would be the year 2050 to see how the population would have increased and gone on to become 9 billion by that time because the current population of the world is set to reach the figure. It is so because we human beings are curious people and all the people would like to know and see what will happen in the future. Time machine is mainly used for getting back into the past and moving ahead into the future. My desire is to see the future of this world as I would like to experience what big changes will be occurring during that period.

— Pratik Shrestha

I want to go into my past and arrange all the moments, which was not in my favour, and enjoy moments which I missed. In addition, if it were about future, I would come to know about upcoming events and can be ready for it. I could also use the machine to protect others and me from any evil problem.

— Riya Karn

I am 23 and a fresh graduate of Civil Engineering. I can feel time moving continuously on my watch or through the occurrence of day after night and night after day. I can do whatever with the present time. However, with the past and the future, I cannot do anything. Let us suppose the time machine has been created. Then I want to use it to travel to the reign of King Bhupatindra Malla (1696-1722) when Nyatapola temple was being built. I want to look at every step of construction. How the foundation stones were laid, how the components of mortar were mixed to obtain quality and durable paste, how the designs were carved at tundals and pillars. I am fascinated with the stone sculpture. The idols of god, goddess, animals et cetera make me think how these were transported and assembled at the place. I wonder if a time machine will allow me to reach that time.

— Krishna Nir Chhukan

I have a fascination for the British people of the the 17th and 18th century. Their sophistication, their manners, their etiquette, their women. Their sophistication has always been an inspiration for me. I have never joined a finishing school to improve or groom myself; but just followed the manners and etiquette of those women by reading the novels and watching the classic movies. Thus , if I ever had the chance to use a time machine, I would go back to the days of Alexander Pope , GB Shaw , Oscar Wilde and examine the sophisticated class , pick up tips from their actions, learn their art of sophistication, the art and mannerisms of a perfect lady and come out with the perfect touch of classiness.

— Srishti Giri

As we know the past never comes. If a time machine were created, I would definitely go to my past and correct all the mistakes I made. The day is not far, as we, humans have the calibre to produce such things. Therefore, with the invention of time machine people will not be making mistakes repeatedly.

However, I doubt, people might use time machine in a proper way. If we use such machine in a correct way there will not be any problem but if it is misused then of course our world will surely be destroyed.

— Abhash Dutta

If I get hold of a time machine, I would take myself to 70’s London, England. The marvellous era of hippies and sprouting rock and roll gave life a gratifying effect. It was the time when the foundation of rock and roll was created. I always dreamt of living in this era to witness how it felt. The amazing lifestyle of 70’s always fascinated me. I would have had watched every legendary concert/performances of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd literally live.

— Puskar Raj Shrestha

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that it has given concrete figures to our so many imaginations like smart phones, androids and many more. Despite the fact that many science fiction films based on time machine have been made which are shown much more catastrophic, if this dream gadget comes into reality frankly speaking, I will be blessed. For some it would be a great source of adventure. Many would like to go to their future in order to prevent themselves from potential dangers and quench their unlimited queries. Coming to me, something is left undone in my life that pricks me all the time. When my grandpa was in his last moments, I wanted to gift him a set of trousers and track pants from my own savings. Unfortunately, I could not. With the help of time machine, I would move into my past, gift him a set of trousers and tracks. See him wearing it, enjoying, smiling and thanking me for the gift. This way I would express my due respect and love. Finally, I would bid him adieu with all my heart and soul.

— Shobha Bista

If I get a time machine, then I would go back to 2001. On June 1, 2001 Nepal lost her most valuable, diplomatic and intelligent person. So I would use that time machine to go back to that black Friday to save my ideal King Birendra and his family.

— Kamal Katwal

In this fast-paced world, time has its own value. Therefore, saving time and utilising the same in constructive and productive ways is very essential. As such time machine may work wonderfully. If such a type of machine comes to existence, then I would utilise it in regulating and managing my time that I spend on household chores so that I could save some time for other productive activities. Since time machines are swift and self-regulated, they save both time and energy.

— Ambika Pandey

We certainly live in a world where we are inundated with rapid changes in innovative technologies. At this pace, creation of time machines cannot be ruled out. I would most likely use it to travel back to June 01, 2009 and save the love of my life along with 227 others who died in the deadly crash of Air France flight AF447 in Atlantic Ocean, which was en route to Charles de Gaulle international airport, Paris (France) from Galeao international airport, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). I would then travel further back to June 01, 2001 and save our beloved King Birendra and family from the horrific massacre.

— Darshan Neupane

This question sounds very interesting. If I had a time machine, I would go into future and see how far the world is develo-ped. I would want to know what I will turn to be, a millionaire or a billionaire and spend my all money in a pleasant tomorrow. On other hand, I would like to go to the past and see how my parents grew up and how their childhood was. I would like to see how my parents faced same issues I had at different ages.

— Monika Harlalka

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