Nepal | March 31, 2020

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  • Science & Technology

    Astronomical society urges people to provide evidence on sighting

    KATHMANDU: The Nepal Astronomical Society has urged Gandaki province residents to provide further evidence on an unknown object observed entering the atmosphere from space, as many people had reported sighting a bright object flying towards the Earth followed by a crashing sound. On Thursday nigh...

  • News Archives

    Fauci says coronavirus deaths in US could top 100,000

    WASHINGTON: The US government’s foremost infection disease expert says the United States could experience more than 100,000 deaths and millions of infections from the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Anthony Fauci, speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, offered his prognosis as the fed...

  • Entertainment

    Broadway actress Ruthie Ann Miles is pregnant

    LOS ANGELES: Broadway actress Ruthie Ann Miles, who tragically lost her daughter and unborn child two years ago, is pregnant. The Tony-winner shared on Twitter Saturday that she is due this spring. In 2018, Miles and her 4-year-old daughter Abigail were struck by a vehicle on a New York stre...

  • Business

    Pandemic to hit growth in Asia, China: World Bank

    WASHINGTON: The coronavirus pandemic is expected to sharply slow growth in developing economies in East Asia and the Pacific as well as China, the World Bank said in an economic update on Monday. The bank said precise growth forecasts were difficult, given the rapidly changing situation...

  • Opinion

    COVID-19: Call for humanity

    It seems so weird, we still act like we are doing this for Mother Earth and that we are going to come out as winners once we defeat this humongous evil ‘micro-organism’ which has affected so much of our lives. We have the audacity to call ourselves emperors of this place called earth, while w...

  • Kathmandu

    More than 2,000 lockdown violators punished

    Kathmandu, March 30 Police today made more than 2,000 persons stand on the roadside for two to three hours in Kathmandu valley for violating the nationwide lockdown imposed by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus. Most of the people against whom police took action were pedestria...