KATHMANDU: A seven-year-old girl (Sani) , whose mother died after giving birth to her, frequently asks her brother (Kale), "Where has our mother gone?"

"Is God the creator of this world?" and "Where did God take our mother?" were other questions that she asks.

Whenever she asks someone about her mother, she only gets a single reply, "Your mother has gone to God's home." The innocent child, hence, believes her mother has gone to the God's home.

Therefore, she keeps on asking different questions to Kale with the hope of meeting her mother someday, but never gets any satisfying answer.

This is the story of a drama, 'Baimani Kaal', that is being staged since Saturday at the Theatre Mall, Sundhara.

The play is based on child psychology and revolves around the life of Sani and Kale.

The drama clearly shows the impact of hatred and pain given by a step-mother on children.

This drama had also won the first prize during the 6th Children's Play Festival, organised by Shaili Theatre last year.

The play is directed by Navaraj Khadka and written by Sagar Kanchho. The drama will be staged till February 14.