1. My Name is Abu Salem by S Hussain Zaidi, paperback, published by Penguin Books, pp 248, Rs 478

2. Making India Awesome by Chetan Bhagat, paperback, published by Rupa, pp 192, Rs 281.60

3. Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham, paperback, published by Jaico Books, pp 284, Rs 400

4. A Happy Death by Albert Camus, paperback, published by Penguin Modern Classics, pp 106, Rs 798

5. Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang, paperback, published  by RH Business  Books, pp 226, Rs 958

my-name-is-abu-salemMy Name is Abu Salem

Mumbai has produced many dons but perhaps none so colourful as Abu Salem. The ex-aide of Dawood Ibrahim is known for his involvement in Mumbai blasts of 1993 and for the murder of music composer Gulshan Kumar. But he became equally famous for his relationship with actress Monica Bedi and his connection to Bollywood, leading to a number of attempted murders of the film industry’s biggest names. Now comes the ultimate telling of this life from the writer who knows the Mumbai underworld better than anyone else. Tales of colourful dons and gangs who made and lost millions, are now enmeshed with Bombay’s lore and myth. Gripping, full of unknown details and first-hand accounts, it is unputdownable book .


Making India Awesome

Following the phenomenal success of his first non-fiction book, What Young India Wants, Indian author Chetan Bhagat, returns with another book of essays in which he analyses and provides inspired solutions to India’s most intractable problems — poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence against women, communal violence, religious fundamentalism, illiteracy and more. Using simple language and concepts, this book will enable you to understand the most complex of problems facing India today and give the readers practical solutions on how youth can do their part to solve them. Bhagat has touched a nerve with young Indian readers and acquired almost cult status.


Find Your Strongest Life

It’s time for you to live a stronger life. Your best life. The life you deserve. Best-selling author and researcher Marcus Buckingham has walked millions through the process of discovering their strengths. No one is better at helping people understand the keys to living a strong life. Packed with research, practical advice, examples, and testimonials, Find Your Strongest Life is a step-by-step guide to realistic change from the expert who knows how to make it happen. There’s nothing trivial about the decisions you are making, the career you are pursuing, the children you are raising, or the feelings you are experiencing along the way, so don’t settle for anything less than your strongest life.


A Happy Death

Is it possible to die a happy death? This is the central question of author Albert Camus’ astonishing early novel A Happy Death, published posthumously and greeted as a major literary event. It tells the story of a young Algerian who defies society’s rules by committing a murder and escaping punishment, and then experiments with different ways of life on his journey towards a happy death ‘without anger without hatred, without regret. A Happy Death is in many ways a precursor of The Outsider, but this book is also a candid self-portrait, drawing on Camus’ youth, travels and relationships to create a rich picture of the sun-drenched Algiers on his childhood.


Rejection Proof

Rejection? It’s nothing to be afraid of. Maybe you avoid situations where you might be rejected. You don’t apply for that dream job. You don’t ask for that pay rise. You don’t ask that person on a date. But it doesn’t have to be that way — the only thing standing between you and your goals is you. Jia Jiang had allowed his fear of rejection to rule his life. But he decided to take radical action. Rejection Proof smashes fear in the face with a one-two punch. You’ll laugh out loud at Jia’s crazy social experiments, but you’ll also go away thinking differently about what you can accomplish. In this book, Jia shares reveals how you can become Rejection Proof and achieve your dreams.


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