Its unique styling appeals to the young


I was excited to test drive the new Mahindra KUV100 between rehearsals for Studio-7’s upcoming play — ‘The Little Prince’. My expectation was a little on the down side as it was an Indian car. However, when I saw it, I was impressed by its unorthodox looks and modern design.

The four-wheeler is a convenient compact crossover, which is very handy in the crowded narrow lanes of Kathmandu. The vehicle’s unique styling appeals to young customers. The pillar mounted rear door handles give the KUV100 the look of a two-door coupe.

The interior is comfortable. A light grey and gloss black dual-tone theme makes it feel even roomier inside. The dashboard looks smart, and is split in two sections. It’s a neat layout and unlike the exterior, the design is a lot simpler, but striking nonetheless. The gear lever and handbrake is mounted onto the console, which results in a lot more space being freed up in the front. The only complaint is the flimsy lock switches in the door handles. I would have hoped the plastic was of better finish.

The KUV100 is surprisingly spacious for a vehicle of this size. Quite a bit of space is available at the front thanks to the centre console mounted gear lever and handbrake. Apart from these storage points, the KUV100 also features a sunglass holder, bottle holders on the door pads and in between front seats.

I was fortunate to drive it twice as it rained heavily on the first day, while heading to Chobhar and the next day to Budanilkantha. Driving also made me feel free and independent. Driving this new vehicle

really made my day.

This Indian car is not of Japanese or German quality, but the Indian cars have made vast improvements over the last few years.

For those who would like to go for drives beyond city limits, this is an attractive option. The youth could fully enjoy its handling and comfort.

(The author is a well-known actor and a car enthusiast)