Say bye to underarm odour

Smelling good is part of grooming yourself. With the days getting warmer you tend to sweat more and further increase your underarm odour. Part of grooming yourself is ensuring you don’t have an odour. While basic measures like regular shower and using deodorant can help, there are some people who need to go the extra mile. If you have extreme underarm odour then remove your underarm hair as this can also help. If you don’t like to shower in the evening, make it a habit to wash your underarm at the very least. After washing your underarms, nicely dry the area. Then take some rose water and apply it on your underarms. This practice will make sure the harmful deodorant chemicals are removed at night and that your underarm area gets some extra care. Try this simple tip to reduce underarm odour and improve overall hygiene!

The author is the social media manager at Easy Cuts Nepal, a leading beauty salon and barbershop chain.