The Multilateral Leaders Taskforce (MLT) on COVID-19 is working to accelerate access and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines and other essential health tools to developing countries.

To enhance transparency, and facilitate targeted solutions, the Taskforce is compiling data on dose requests, contracts, deliveries, and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries.

The data was most recently updated yesterday and is updated every week to reflect latest developments.

Explore the Taskforce's data and analysis further here: https://data.covid19taskforce.com/ data. The Taskforce is working to identify countries that have contracted high volumes of vaccines and can donate surplus doses, to address acute supply shortages in developing countries.

The Taskforce's data and analysis show that G7 countries have collectively pre-purchased nearly 2.4 billion doses beyond the number of doses required to vaccinate their entire populations.

Some of the countries also have binding options to purchase additional doses.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 31 2021, of The Himalayan Times.