NT’s CSR initiative

KATHMANDU: As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Nepal Telecom (NT) has started providing video call service to those with hearing impairment. The charge for the service, which is available only within the company’s network, has been fixed at 50 paisa per minute (excluding taxes), as per a media release issued on Monday. By presenting relevant documents stating their case, hearing impaired people can get a special SIM from NT counter at Rs 90, with Rs 50 worth of talk-time. Those who have taken the special SIM have been able to enjoy the facility from July 15. Moreover, NT is providing a pre-paid GSM SIM or CDMA RUIM card for free to those injured or physically handicapped during the People’s Movement of 2006. NT has started distributing the SIM and RUIM cards for free to eligible customers from Monday. To get the cards, customers will have to present the identity cards issued by the government along with a photo and a photocopy of the citizenship card. Similarly, physically disabled people will have to present identity card (red card) issued by Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, along with a photo and photocopy of citizenship card. The free SIM and RUIM cards can be availed from any NT counter within mid-February, 2017.