713 proposals submitted for joint infrastructure development to MoCTCA


The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has received 713 proposals for tourism infrastructure development across the country.

Under the Tourism Infrastructure Construction and Tourist Product Development Joint Project Framework 2020, MoCT- CA had called for project proposals from provincial and local governments.

As per the ministry, 10 project proposals have been submitted by various provincial governments, nine by metropolitan cities and 10 by sub-metropolitan cities. Likewise, 307 proposals have been submitted by municipalities and 377 by the rural municipalities so far.

As per MoCTCA, rural municipalities have to bear 30 per cent of the total investment for such projects while municipalities will have to invest 35 per cent. Meanwhile, sub-metropolitan cities will have to invest 40 per cent of the total investment while metropolitan cities and provincial governments have to invest 50 per cent. The remaining amount will be invested by the ministry.

A total of Rs 33.1 billion has been sought for 713 proposals. Of this amount, provincial governments will invest Rs 12 billion.

Proposals have been submitted for the construction of integrated mountain tourism and rural development infrastructure, parks, tourist bus stations and home stay facilities as well as for development of tourist villages.

This new concept was brought by the ministry after the failure of the 100 tourist destination promotion project. Earlier the government had announced 100 tourist destinations across the country and handed over the responsibility of infrastructure development, promotion and preservation of the destinations to the local governments.

MoCTCA had also provided budget to the local governments, however, the results were unsatisfactory and there was no progress in the development of the destinations.

Moreover, the budget was frozen by the ministry citing the lack of ownership of those projects by the local governments.