Kathmandu, December 25 The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has informed that there has been 77 per cent progress till date in the reconstruction of private housing affected by the earthquake that rattled the country in 2015. Addressing a programme organised to mark the completion of three years of establishment of the NRA today, the authority’s Chief Executive Officer Sushil Gyewali, claimed that reconstruction of all the private houses that were damaged by the earthquake will be completed within the ongoing fiscal year. As per NRA’s statistics, there has been 77 per cent progress in the reconstruction of private housing so far, out of which rebuilding of 45 per cent houses has already been completed while 32 per cent houses are currently under construction. The NRA has signed the government’s private housing grant agreement with 742,135 beneficiaries, out of which 337,319 have completed rebuilding their houses while 233,343 houses are currently under construction, according to the authority. Similarly, 80 per cent progress has been made in the reconstruction of educational institutions. As per the available data, 55 per cent of the schools that had been affected have already been reconstructed while 25 per cent of them are currently under construction. Out of the 7,553 damaged schools, 4,172 have been reconstructed while 1,921 are under construction. Likewise, 66 per cent progress has been made in the rebuilding of health institutions, 95 per cent in government buildings, 54 per cent in security sector buildings and 68 per cent in the cultural heritage sites, NRA’s statistics show. “We are on the right track to complete the reconstruction of private housing within this fiscal year,” said Gyewali. “As many structures are currently under construction, we are working towards achieving the goal of completing the entire rebuilding task within the next two years.” As per him, the NRA has been giving utmost priority to economic and social rehabilitation, along with the reconstruction of houses.