ADB adds climate change agenda in CPS for Nepal

KATHMANDU: Asian Development Bank (ADB) has added climate change as a primary concern in Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Nepal along with strengthening peace and good governance. Climate change, peace filter and government risk assessment are the main features of the new CPS, said country director Barry J Hitchcock.

CPS has added climate change as a growing concern and ADB’s support will be based on it. However, ADB’s priority areas for the next three years — from 2010 to 2012 — are agriculture and natural resources, education, energy, finance sector, transport and municipal infrastructure and services. ADB will work in those sectors through the government, civil society and non-governmental organizations.

Major focus of ADB programme will be on enhancing the livelihood of people through supporting the government in building peace and good governmence, Hitchcock said.

ADB has proposed $833.2 million assistance for the next three years starting from 2010. It has approved projects worth $347 million in 2009 and its total support — both loan and grant — in Nepal has reached $1.13 billion. The ADB contribution between 2010 and 2012 will be borne from the Asian Development Fund ($671.4 million), ordinary capital resource ($45 million), regional cooperation ($92 million), technical assistance grant ($15 million) and Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction ($9.8 million).

ADB is happy with the performance of the government. “Despite uncertainties, we are getting better results in our projects,” said Hitchcock. “The government’s commitment and performance are better in the last three years.” ADB’s operating programmes are emergency flood damage rehabilitation in

eastern and western region, education sector cluster programme, energy access and efficiency improvement project, air transport capacity enhancement projects and others.

ADB aid for 2010-12

• Asian Development Fund $671.4m

• Ordinary capital resource $45m

• Regional cooperation $92m

• Technical Assistance Grant $15m

• Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction $9.8m