ADB appoints advisor for clean energy

Manila, January 7:

To reflect the increasing importance of energy and the environment in Asia, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) today announced the appointment of a special advisor on ‘clean energy and the environment.’ ADB director general Bindu Lohani was named as special advisor to the ADB president on strategy and policy as well as matters concerning the multilateral institution’s energy and development programmes.

Lohani will also serve concurrently in his previous position as chief compliance officer of the ADB’s sustainable development department, the bank said in a statement from its headquarters in the Philippine capital. In recent years, the ADB has focused more attention on helping its developing member countries adopt ‘clean energy technologies,’ such as renewable energy sources and on energy efficiency.

The ADB also said that later this year it would set up a new cofinancing facility to boost investment in new ‘clean energy’ projects in the Asia-Pacific region.