‘Executive’ bikes charm riders

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 20:

Bikes in the 115cc—125cc segment are for those who are looking for power, style and economy. Often referred to as the ‘executive’ segment, users of these bikes are generally not new riders but people who are trying to move out of economy segment.

In Nepal, more than a dozen models comprise this segment where prices hover around Rs 110,000. In recent times, these bikes with better power and style have started to claim a bigger market share. Fazer from Yamaha and Discover from Bajaj are two newly-introduced bikes competing with Kinetic GF, which came into market about one and half year ago while Yamaha YBX is already an established brand in this category.

Yamaha Fazer:

The sale of more than 600 units of Fazer from Yamaha till date speaks for success of the product, said Sunil Shrestha, marketing manager at Morang Auto Works. Fazer, which came into market ratifying some features of YBX, has an eye-catching style with twin headlight inspired from YFZ-R 1100cc. The stylish fuel tank, taillight and sporty muffler add to its sporty look. The Yamaha throttle position sensor (YTPS) gives it a powerful pickup. The 123.7cc engine produces a power of 10.8Bhp@7500rpm. The Fazer DLX with new technical features and international design offers an edge to customers. Equipped with disc brakes of 240mm disc-front for extra safety and electric start for more convenience, Fazer DLX has built a niche for itself. The measured mileage on the streets of Kathmandu hovers in between 50– 55 km/l.

Pros: Headlight, power, pickup

Cons: Lacks fifth gear

Price: Rs 110,900 and 119,900 for

Fazer DLX

Bajaj Discover:

Bajaj Discover is equipped with the patented DTSi technology that gives better combustion and charge distribution. The Discover 124.52cc engine generates a maximum power of 11.51Bhp@8000rpm. The ExhausTorque Expansion Chamber (TEC) improves the torque and makes peak torque available from as low as 3000 rpm, which allows riders to drive in congested traffic without too many gear changes.

Supporting the styling theme initiated by Pulsar, Discover has athletic look, new tail lamp and grab rail design. It offers DTSi technology incorporating TRICS III, with a constant vacuum (CV) carburetor, digital CDI unit and Digital twin spark. Discover electric start offers effortless start in any gear and the ride control switch indicates optimum throttle opening for best mileage. The five-step adjustable rear suspension with triple rated springs ensure that the rider gets the best ride comfort.

“People have liked the bike and we have been able to sell more than 1,450 units in three months. It is for city riding and has good features, reasonable price, good mileage and the classic combination of power and style,” said Raju Chettri, senior manager at Hansaraj Hulaschand and Company Pvt Ltd, the distributor of Bajaj motorcycles.

Kinetic GF 125:

The Kinetic GF 125 has style and cosmetic blend of current trends and retro cues. The headlight and twin metre pods are reminiscent of classic bikes. It has down-tube chassis and telescopic forks to give it a good balance. Strong at higher speed, the 125cc engine of GF 125 with four valve produces maximum power of 12.75Bhp at the rate of 7,500 rpm.

Equipped with a self-starter which has micro-processor digital variable ignition system for a smooth start, disc brake or drum brake and a five-speed gearbox, the bike hardly produces any whine or rumble. Its combustion efficiency is good with two inlets and two exhaust valves operating simultaneously. The ergonomic seating posture of Kinetic GF 125 ensures comfort, efficiency and safety. As one of the pioneers in the segment, the GF 125 had picked up a good market share which is now being challenged by new competitors in the 125cc segment, said Anish Khadgi, sales executive at Shrestha International Trading Concern.

The sale of GF 125 is about 5-10 units per month. The company plans to introduce a new bike with more powerful engine and improved looks to take on the new competition, he added. Its measured mileage in Kathmandu is around 40 kmpl.

Yamaha YBX 125:

Yamaha that governs around 30 per cent of the market for two wheelers has attracted customers with its YBX 125. The success of this bike has forced other auto industries to launch similar bikes in terms of power, performance and style. Power is the motto and economy is the added benefit in the YBX. Although, YBX’s mileage is not extraordinary but it offers the pick up of two-stroke and the mileage of four-stroke. The 123.7cc engine of YBX equipped with SOHC two-valve is of air-cooled type. The maximum power it generates is 11BHP@ 8500 rpm.

The YBX 125 has four-speed transmission with standard Yamaha pattern gear shift. The YBX’s big brake drum size ensures safe braking and higher maneuverability in busy traffic of Kathmandu. It has a shaft balancer to provide comfort of vibration-free rides. The auto chain tensioner automatically adjusts cam chain slack, and gives a quiet and smooth ride.

Price: YBX Rs 109,900

Pros: Power, acceleration

Cons: Mileage, old looks