‘Money’ binds expo participants together

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 8:

The Nepal Money Expo — 2005 is all set to begin at the Birendra International Convention Centre in Kathmandu from tomorrow. Information Nepal DC Pvt Ltd (INDCPL) is organising the three-day long event with an objective of providing a platform to customers and service providers where first-hand information on financial transactions and monetary systems can be shared.

“Events like Nepal Money Expo have been organised in various countries. Looking at the increasing market of consumer financing in Nepal, we felt it necessary to bring major players from the finance sector under one roof,” said Karan Singh Subba, marketing consultant at INDCPL. “It will play an important role in fulfilling the void prevailing between consumers and service providers.

The event is expected to play an important role in boosting the market forces,” Subba added.

Justifying the use of the word ‘money’ in Nepal Money Expo, Suraj KC, managing director at INDCPL said that the word underlines that the exhibition is focusing on those sectors which deal with financial or monetary transactions. “The INDCPL has used its initiative to

organise an event where financial institutions can expose their services and general public can get maximum information,” KC added.

It is beneficial to participants as they can exhibit the entire range of their products while visitors can know about various financial schemes being offered by these financial institutions.

“Financial institutions are growing rapidly, but there reach had been limited to few sections of the society. The expo aims to assemble all the financial institutions of the country under a single roof for direct interaction, which will be accessible to common people and corporate houses,” said Subba.

Promotion of financial institutions, raising awareness about fraud, information about consumer financing, helping update knowledge about finance-related activities and encouraging people to use financial facilities and schemes that are available in the market are the main objectives of the event.

More than 45 organisations including nine commercial and development banks, four insurance companies, six money transfer companies, two finance organisations and

three automobiles dealers are displaying the range of their products at the event.

Since automobile suppliers and housing and real estate business organisations are providing schemes in co-ordination with financial institutions, we felt it necessary to invite them to participate in the expo, KC said.

“The growing number of financial institutions is generating competition. The event would make people aware about loan policies of such institutions, their interest rates, loan ceiling payment basis and much more,” KC said.

A currency display from more than 200 countries is also part of the expo and is expected to draw a huge crowd. “People would learn about the monetary system of various countries, currency names, money minting and many other exciting information about paper notes,” said Jaya Hari Jha, a bank note collector who is displaying bank notes at the event.

Fashion shows, musical programmes and a quiz contest are other attractions of the event. Exhibitors are expecting that the event would be visited by more than 35,000 people from different walks of life and would help them upgrade their knowledge of the financial world.