‘Singapore’s poor will not be forgotten’

Singapore, May 1:

Singapore’s lower-income workers and families will not be left alone to cope with the economic pain caused by globalisation, prime minister Lee Hsien Loong said.

“We know they face the most difficulties coping with globalisation and change so we are doing all we can to help them, in order that we stay together as Singapore moves ahead,” Lee said. The government will do all it can to help the poor, as demonstrated by its Progress Package under which assistance worth $1.65 billion were given out on May Day, Lee said.

“The package is weighted towards poorer households, lower-income workers and older people.” Lee, who is on the election campaign trail for May 6 parliamentary polls, said the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) has kept true to its word of looking after the less fortunate in the city-state.

“We have never forgotten our commitment to take care of the welfare of the ordinary Singaporeans and their families” he said. The plight of lower-income families in Southeast Asia’s wealthiest economy has emerged as an issue ahead of the May 6 polls with opposition political parties charging the government.