Agriculture tourism starts in Lekhnath

Lekhnath, August 9:

With a view to attract foreign tourists, Lekhnath municipality is planning to promote agriculture tourism.

Locals here have supported the idea of developing agriculture tourism at a discussion programme organised by the Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI) recently. A concept of producing one agriculture item in one village is planned for the development of agriculture tourism in Lekhnath. Though the concept seems similar to ‘one-village-one-production’ announced by the government last year, it is different.

According to the concept, tourists visiting bee-keeping farm will be allowed to harvest honey. If they visit fish farm, they will be allowed to fish and those tourists visiting orange farm can pluck and taste the oranges paying certain charges.

The government has also showed interest in the development of agriculture tourism in Lakhnath municipality, the LCCI said. Experts said that such concept was introduced in Japan for the first time.

Dr Devbhakta Shakya, executive director of Agro Enterprise Centre at the FNCCI said, “One-village-one-production concept has helped speeding up the development process and alleviate poverty.”

After the government’s announcement of ‘one-village-one-production’ concept, Sindhuli and Ramechhap districts started promoting Junar. Similarly Siraha and Banke districts started bel (Aegle marmelos) and Bhaktapur district started lapsi (Spondias acuminata).

Dr Krishna Bahadur Shrestha, senior advisor of the centre, Chaturakhar Adhikari, LCCI chairperson, Janardan Adhikari, regional agriculture director and Gagan Bahadur Nychhe Pradhan, director of Fish Development Centre also expressed views on the occasion.