Air India slashes fares by upto 82pc

New Delhi, December 30:

State-owned operator Air India today announced fare cuts up to 82 per cent in at least 20 sectors, mostly on metro routes, with a senior airline official saying there could be another round of fare cut.

“As many as 20 major sectors will offer a benefit of an average reduction of 52 per cent in basic fares. The new fare cut comes into effect today,” Air India said in a statement. A senior airlines official said the move would largely benefit passengers on metro routes, and added,

“You can expect a second round of fare cut soon. Our fare cut will trigger further competition and will force other airlines to further reduce fares.”

Two private carriers, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines, too, have reduced fares since Sunday.

Air India’s fare cut is the highest on the Bangalore-Chennai sector, which has seen the basic fare slashed to IRs 200 from IRs 1,100 — a cut of nearly 82 per cent.

On prime routes the like Delhi-Mumbai sector, the carrier brought down the basic fare to IRs 1,675 from IRs 3,300, a reduction of 49 per cent. Similarly, the Mumbai-Bangalore basic fare is now IRs 1,200, down by 52 per cent from IRs 2,475 charged earlier.

The fares are exclusive of taxes as well as fuel surcharge, which is IRs 1,950 for sectors less than 750 km and IRs 2,700 for above that.