Aircraft hangar at Doha employs unique ploy

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 13:

One of the world’s largest aircraft hangars currently under construction at Doha International Airport has undergone an engineering feat with the raising of the roof using unique arch-shaping technology known as ‘stress erection’.

The flat roof of the $18 million facility, to be used for the maintenance of Qatar Airways aircraft, was assembled in a horizontal position at ground level before being raised during a 10-hour procedure that involved no cranes - just a series of cables and hydraulic jacks, states a press release issued here today.

The technology used is known as ‘stressed arch’ where 144 thick steel cables encased in long tubes tugged at the structure, forcing six trusses to move inwards up to 20 metres and shaping the flat roof to slowly form an arch.

The first section of the curved roof covering an area of 155 metres by 60 metres was raised in a five-hour operation in March.

The second section measuring 155 metres by 72 metres was raised in a similar time frame this week.

On completion, the hangar will be the biggest of its kind featuring stretched arch technology.