Allo cultivation to be expanded

PARBAT:Production of Allo (Himalayan nettle Girardinia diversifolia), whose fibre is used to make clothes, is being boosted in the northern parts of Parbat district.

The herb is abundant in

Hampal and Juddabir community forests. Clothes produced from its fiber are popular locally and abroad. Its cultivation is being expanded to four VDCs so as to develop the region as Allo Village..

Women in Salija, Kyang, Bhuktangle and Banaul have been provided training for collecting, processing and weaving clothes from its fiber. Allo farming drew attention after women from Salija started earning good money through Allo products. Since quality Allo is found in the villages, villagers have started working for Allo production, collection and processing on a community scale.

Women turned to making clothes from Allo fiber after NGO Sewa Nepal started market management for the products. It also provided training to 20 women each from Kyang, Bhuktangle and Banau VDCs.

The herb is harvested in December and processed throughout winter. A total of 103 women from four VDCs are involved in weaving clothes from Allo this year. Allo is found in Hampal and Juddabir community forests. Only one fourth of it in the forests is utilised at present, saidMicro-enterprise Development Programme specialist Kiran Poudel.