ANFS may stop supplies

Kathmandu, August 3:

Complaining of losses due to high fuel cost and low selling price of foodstuff, Association of Nepal Food Suppliers (ANFS) urged the government to balance the selling price with the growing cost price of food in the market.

Pushpa Piya, president of (ANFS) said, “Because of recurring strikes, skyrocketing prices of fuel, scarcity of foodstuff, foodstuff prices have gone up by about 40-50 per cent causing ANFS to bear losses in daily transactions.”

Though the cost price of foodstuff in the market rose by 40-50 per cent, according to ANFS this increase is likely to go higher. “We have to manage rations on contract every year from mid-January (1st Magh) to next year January (end of Poush next year),” said Piya.

However, ANFS is optimistic about a raise in the sale price of the rations it supplies. “According to the Act, ANFS should be allowed to raise sale price of rations it supplies. We have sent letters to the prime minister and other concerned authorities time and again but our demand has not been met,” said Piya.

The association will organise a national level meeting of delegates from all 75 districts and put forward their demands. Talking about the meet, Piya said, “The meeting will be attended by finance minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, officials from the Chambers of Commerce and other authorised bodies. The national meeting will be held on August 31. If our effort fails to get our demand addressed, we will initiate serial protest programmes and halt the supply of foodstuff too.”

Aside from the call for increase in sale price of rations supplied by it, ANFS has also demanded amendment in the rules and regulation regarding ANFS. It has demanded the right to issue licences and also the right to renew these. ANFS supplies rations to Nepal Army, Nepal Police, APF, Forest Security and Health sectors.