Anna Lifan's new variants

Kathmandu: Annapurna Lifan Co Pvt Ltd, a domestic motorbike manufacturer, has brought two new models — Royal 100-3 H and Desire 110-11H in the market.

Royal 100cc four-stroke engine has high pick-up capacity and mileage. "It targets those bikers who want high mileage. It has a 12-litre petrol tank," said the company. With self-start, kick-start and disc brake, Royal comes in red, black and blue colours.

Desire has a 110cc engine. Available in black, red and blue colours, Desire gives 60-km per litre.

For the first 20 days, Royal 100-3H will cost Rs 1,04,500 whereas its actual price is Rs 1,13,900. Likewise Desire 110-11H which will cost Rs 97,900 and whose actual price is Rs 1,06,900. The company gives a two-year guarantee and 12 free servicings within guarantee period.