Asian business owners more stressed

Singapore, February 22:

Business owners in Asia are more stressed than their Western counterparts with the adrenalin flowing the most in Taiwan, China and the Philippines, a study said.

Fewer holidays, business travel and fear over job security are among the factors linked to mounting stress, according to the study by business advisory organisation Grant Thornton International. Eighty-nine per cent of the responde-nts in Taiwan said they felt higher stress than a year ago. China came se-cond with 87 per cent and the Philippines with 76 per cent. The findings, published in The Busine-ss Times, placed Botswa-na in fourth spot with 74 per cent of queried repo-rting increased stress, fo-llowed by Singapore with 67 per cent and Malaysia with 65 per cent.

The global percentage was 57 per cent, compared with 39 per cent in 2005. Those reporting the biggest increase in stress tended to take the fewest rest days. Business owners in Taiwan took only eight days leave, China 11 days and the Philippines 12 days, far behind the average of 27 days for France and 22 days in the EU overall.

“It could be argued from this that the more holidays taken, the more limited the stress rise.”