Benefits of poultry

KATHMANDU: Nepal Feed Industry Association (NFIA) and Department of Livestock Service under the Ministry of Livestock Development, jointly organised a programme to spread awareness about ‘The benefits of eating poultry meat and eggs regularly’ recently in Kathmandu. During the programme, NFIA expressed its belief that the Nepali poultry industry could make a positive contribution towards overall public health and employment. Discussions about the benefits of consuming broiler meat were also held at the event. NFIA also claimed that regular consumption of eggs and broiler meat could help the body fight against health hazards like diabetes, high blood pressure and unbalanced cholesterol. In addition, NFIA informed about promotional materials that it has sent to all media with the motto ‘Kukhura Khaon, Anda Khaon’ and ‘Sabaile Khaon, Sadhai Khaon’.