Bharatpur IRO collects over NRs 9 billion in six months

CHITWAN: Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur has exceeded its revenue collection target by 110.37 percent after it collected NRs 9.32 billion in the first six months of current fiscal year.

During the first six months of the last fiscal year the Office had acquired NRs 6.90 billion.

“The revenue collection target from Chitwan and Nawalpur districts was set at NRs 8 billion,” Office Head Than Prasad Pangeni said, “however, we have collected 110.37 per cent more revenue than the estimated amount.”

Moreover, the Office has obtained NRs 7.88 billion through excise duty alone with liquor manufacturers as top contributors.

According to Pangeni, increasing sense of accountability among people regarding tax payment and fair presence of administration in the area are the major reasons behind high collection of revenue.

As of now, the Office has 72,000 tax payers under its purview and has set a revenue collection target of NRs 19.74 billion in the current fiscal year.