TEHRATHUM:How much does a

billy-goat cost? It might be Rs 6,000, 8,000 generally…. and surely not above Rs 10,000. But a billy-goat’s price and a lactating cow’s worth is nearly equal in Terhathum district.

Khagendra Karki of Basantapur-6 sold his billy-goat that he reared at home for Rs 17,000. He says his goat’s price is the highest in the entire district.

The goat, according to Karki, belonged to the Jamunapari species of goat. He sold the animal goat weighing 70 kg after it quit eating fodder due to too much fat. Karki took up goat-keeping when he returned from Malaysia.

“A goat paying off Rs 17,000? Would anyone want to go abroad if a small venture pays so much profit,” he said.