Birgunj customs revenue collection exceeds target

Birgunj, July 20:

Birgunj customs office, which is the major customs point for Nepal’s import and export business, was able to collect Rs 20,36,48,84,000 (including customs, VAT, excise, local development fee) in the last fiscal year. The figure is higher by Rs 3,24,00,00,000 than the target. It had collected a total of Rs 17,65,69,93,000 last fiscal year.

However, collection of the customs duty was less than the target due to the ongoing unrest and continuous bandh in Tarai. The customs office had set target to collect Rs 7,59,22,00,000 in customs duty but it could collect only Rs 7,23,43,04,000 only. “The regular Tarai agitation has obstructed customs office for two months and it hampered the business at the customs office,” Dhrub Prasad Pa-nta, chief customs officer told this daily. He blamed the ever rising smuggling in the border areas for the failure in collecting the targetted customs revenue. “The smuggling is rife,” a source at the revenue office said.

Mainly small and large vehicles from India and third countries, petroleum products, chemical fertilizers, cement, industrial raw materials are the major imports through Birgunj customs office. Similarly, iron pipe, zinc plates, plastic pipe, carpets, crushed stones, sands are exported to India and third countries through this point.

The customs office had set a target of eight billion rupees in VAT collection for the last fiscal year but it collected Rs 9,91,30,27,000, 23.91 per cent more than target. It was able to collect Rs 1,64,47,27,000 in excise duty, which is 7.43 per cent more than the target.