Dhara oil ‘healthy’

KATHMANDU: K L Dugar Group has claimed that its leading Dhara brand mustard oil is 100 per cent pure and hygienic. Citing a report of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the group has stated that the Dhara brand oil contains alpha linolenic acid, which helps to control ichhemic heart disease. Dhara is only the mustard oil brand in Nepal to have Nepal Standard (NS). Dhara mustard oil has been serving Nepali consumers since last two decades. — HNS

Santro Xing prices up

KATHMANDU: Santro Xing, most popular family car in India and Nepal is set to increase its price. The price hike comes as a result of increasing excise duty on steel from 12 per cent to 16 per cent in India and introduction of a new technology eRLX ‘active intelligence’ in all models of Santro Xing by Hyundai Motor India. HMIL has introduced new Santro Xing. The Santro Xing variants are XK-non AC, XK, XL and XG and has 1.1ltr engine, states a press release. — HNS

Customs revenue up

BHADRAPUR: Mechi Customs Office at Kakarbhitta has raised revenue worth about Rs 770.03 million in the fiscal year 2004-05. According to Lavanya Kumar Dhakal, chief at the office, the office has raised about Rs 35 million from customs duties, Rs 343.4 million from the VAT and Rs 75.5 million from various sources. The customs office used to raise Rs 300 million every year from the petroleum products in previous years. However, the revenue declined after the petroleum products were not supplied from Kakarbhita from Bhadra 25. — RSS

S Korea wins oilfield

SEOUL: A South Korean consortium won rights to develop a pair of oilfields off the coast of Nigeria. The two sites are estimated to contain 2 billion barrels of crude, 2.5 times more than South Korea’s 2004 annual oil consumption of 800 million barrels. Africa’s largest oil producer began awarding new petroleum-exploration rights. Early winners were Taiwan-based Chinese Petroleum Corporation, awarded an onshore field in the southern Niger Delta, and the local Northern Nigeria Development Company, which won rights to explore in two northeastern plots. — AP