NDB holds sixth AGM

KATHMANDU: The sixth AGM of Nepal Development Bank (NDB) was held in the capital on Monday. Uttam Pun, chairman of the bank, presented the annual report of the bank for the fiscal year 2003-04.

The bank has posted a profit of Rs 8.31 million in 2003-04. The bank has a paid up capital of Rs 160 million. — HNS

Hail storm destroys crop

BAGLUNJ:Hail storm last Saturday has damaged wheat crop and fruits in Baglung district. Maize shoots and buds of fruits and other plants were also destroyed by the hailstorm. The hail strom affected more than 20 VDCs in the district including Pala, Bhimapokhara, Bihyu, Resha, Lekhani and Dhamja. — RSS

Air India to buy new jets

NEW DELHI: State-owned international carrier of India, Air India, was meeting on Tuesday to decide on a $6 billion order for 50 new passenger jets that reports said was likely to go to US-based Boeing. An expert committee recommended Air India’s board buy from Boeing eight 777-300 long-haul jetliners, 15 737-200 medium range aircraft and 27 787 ‘Dreamliners’. — AP

Thai economic growth

BANGKOK: Thailand’s economic growth will continue to slow in 2005 because of high oil prices, the effects of tsunami and the continuing insurgency in the country’s southern provinces. — AP

US view on Indian shrimp

WASHINGTON: The US International Trade Commission has announced that in the light of the devastation caused by the tsunami it will review its decision on India dumping of shrimp. Earlier the commission had said it believed imports of certain frozen warm water shrimp from India and Thailand were injuring US marketers. — HNS